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Product description
Fixed frequency air-cooled glycol refrigeration unit the Lion&man鈥榮 is set in various operating modes and the outlet water temperature (-6 掳C~45 掳C). Compared with the traditional air-cooled modular cold (hot) water unit, it is fully expanded. The scope of application.
The unit is not only suitable for comfort requirements, but also suitable for low-temperature refrigerating and preserving environments such as medicines and foods. It can also be used in process environments with temperature requirements from 0 掳C to 25 掳C.
It can also be used as ice storage and heating equipment. It is an air-cooled modular cold (hot) water unit with multiple functions.
Unit characteristics
First-class energy efficiency, fixed frequency system, more energy-efficient operation
The unit adopts a fixed frequency system and falling film condensation technology, and the measured energy efficiency value is 3.63, which far exceeds the national energy efficiency standard one level, and the operation is more economical.
-6 掳 C water temperature to meet a variety of needs
The unit can achieve the lowest -6 掳C water temperature setting in all seasons, and fully meet the different needs of crafts and comfort places such as fruit and vegetable warehouses, drug stores, workshops, machine rooms, industrial cold sources, ice storage, and heating.
Note: When setting the outlet water temperature below 0 掳C, the chilled water should be mixed with ethylene glycol. The indoor low temperature air cooler unit should be used. The corresponding water temperature of the use place is shown in the attached table.
The whole machine is factory-installed, and the installation and control are more convenient and reliable.
When used in various low-temperature requirements, compared with the traditional low-temperature condensing equipment, the whole machine is shipped from the factory. The 100% operation test before leaving the factory only needs to be installed after the water pipeline is installed, which avoids the need for the installation of traditional low-temperature condensing equipment. The inconvenience caused by self-purchasing valve parts, pipelines, electric control devices, etc.; multi-modules freely splicing, independent operation, mutual standby, automatic addition and subtraction, economical and reliable operation.
Professional configuration to achieve four seasons refrigeration
The unit adopts well-known brand special compressor, frequency conversion or multistage automatic adjustment of the condensing fan, and the pipeline is optimized and designed to achieve four-season cooling, and ensure that the unit operates reliably between -25 掳C and 52 掳C.
Low running noise, more comfortable to use
The unit adopts a fully enclosed scroll compressor with aviation-grade condensing fan blades, variable frequency or multi-stage automatic regulating fan, which has lower operating noise.
Multiple operation protection, intelligent constant temperature control
The unit comes with multiple protection functions, which is safer to operate. Microcomputer control and intelligent human-machine dialogue interface make it easy to realize centralized control of multiple units. It can be remotely controlled and monitored through PC or mobile phone interface.
Valley electricity storage, more economical operation (optional)
This unit can bring its own or external energy storage module to realize valley electricity operation and large-density energy storage, which effectively reduces operating costs.
Seamless splicing installation saves floor space
This unit adopts seamless splicing design, which forms a heat exchange wind tunnel when seamlessly splicing, and the heat exchange is more sufficient, which greatly saves the floor space compared with the traditional unit.
Unit parameter table
V unit performance parameters
Cooling capacity(Kw)Outlet temperature7鈩?/p>6613265130
Heating capacity (Kw)6813870140
power supply380V3N~50Hz380V3N~50Hz380V3N~50Hz380V3N~50Hz
Cooling power(Kw)Outlet temperature7鈩?/p>19.939.219.939.8
Heating power (Kw)20.238.319.540
Noise dB(A)65726570
CompressorTypeFully enclosed scroll
Capacity adjustment50% 100%25% 50% 75% 100%50% 100%25% 50% 75%100%
FanTypeEnergy-efficient axial flow
Power (Kw)0.75脳22.2脳21.1脳22.2脳2
heat exchangerTypeHigh-efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger
Water flow (m鲁/h)12251122.36
Water pressure drop (KPa)30303040
Inlet and outlet pipe sizeDN65 (flange connection)DN80 (flange connection)DN65 (flange connection)DN80 (flange connection)
Working pressure on water side(MPa)
Charge (Kg)9脳27.5脳48.5脳27.2脳4
Throttling deviceElectronic expansion valve
DimensionsWidth (mm)2182238321822383
Depth (mm)1084136410841364
Unit weight (Kg)7001010650980
Operating weight (Kg)77011157201080
1. Nominal refrigeration conditions: frozen water inlet/outlet water temperature: 12掳C/,-6掳C/-1掳C; outdoor dry bulb temperature: 35掳C
2. Nominal heating conditions: frozen water inlet/outlet temperature: 40 掳C / 45 掳C; outdoor dry bulb temperature: 7 掳C
3. All the above products are standard with the lower panel and upper grid products, such as products without the lower panel and the upper grid;
4. Due to continuous optimization of products, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
5.Product parameters will change due to technical updates, if you have other needs, please consult customer service staff.
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