cheap Sondex Heat Exchanger Plate

Our Factory
We are the professional enterprise to manufacture plate heat exchangers, and plates and rubber gaskets for PHE. The area of the factory is 26,000sq.m.and the workshop is 12,000 sq.m. Our company has 14 sets of press including 40,000tons, 15, 000 tons, 10, 000 tons and 6, 000 tons, and we also have over 30 sets of equipment including punch and plate shearing machine.
We can supply various plate heat exchangers and plates over 400 models and various rubber gaskets more than 400 models. The aperture of plates is from 25 to 500mm, whose materials include SS304, SS316L, Ti, Ni, Hastelloy Alloy, 254SMO and Titanium and Palladium Alloy. In addition, we cooperate with raw material manufacture to supply the raw material stainless steel, titanium(Japan), Alloy C276(America). SMO254(Japan), TiPd.and supply air compressore for different customer, see our product detalis below.
Our Product
Exheat specialize in production and maintenance of heat exchanger in many field, such as Chemical industry, oil and energy, marine, refrigeration field, we could supply heat exchanger unit, heat exchanger spare parts like gasket and plate with many material. And replacement of any brand, such as AL, GEA, Tranter, APV, API, Thermowave, Vicarb. Muller, Funke, Sondex, Hisaka with the reasonable price and perfect after-sale service.
Product Application
Petroleum / Chemical Processing, food bevarage, marine, energy&power.water.steel.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
14 sets of press including40,000tons, 15,000 tons, 10,000 tons and 6,000 tons, and we also have over 30 sets of equipment including punch and plate shearing machine.
Production Market
Exheat is committed to providing first grade heat transfer solution, after years of development, we have established close business relationship with our customers in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. The key to our rapid growth and development comes from our management's ethos of premium quality, innovation and being customer-focused. Our company is a leader in heat transfer field, and is one of the top 5 suppliers of plate and gasket replacement in Europe.
Our Service
Our heat exchanger experts can provide best heat transfer solution according to your working condition,
Help with design, testing, analysis and implementation of an effective heat transfer case.
Our sales team will response fastly after receiving your inquiry of plate and gasket replacement when you need to maintain your fouled heat exchanger, we will prepare the plates and gasket in shortest time. Some of them are stock
Our product warranty time is one year, you can return goods and ask for new packs if you find the problem, we are committed to provide the best products to Sondex Heat Exchanger Plate