Lipoic acid have the major functions and side effects

Lipoic acid of the functions and side effects
1. A major use of lipoic acid is in the treatment of nerve damage, including neurological disease in diabetics, a dangerous long-term complication that can cause pain and loss of consciousness. It is caused by high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood, causing damage to nerve cells by free radicals. Lipoic acid may play a role in inhibiting nerve damage through its antioxidant effect. In addition, it helps diabetics respond to insulin, the hormone that regulates glucose.
Lipoic acid has amazing antioxidant power. It removes reactive oxygen species that cause skin aging and is easily absorbed by the skin because it is smaller than the molecule of vitamin E and is both water soluble and fat soluble. As a result, lipoic acid is the No.1 anti-aging nutrient in the United States, along with Q10.
3.Strengthen liver Function
Lipoic acid has the ability to strengthen the liver, so it was early used as an antidote to food poisoning and metal poisoning.
4. Reduce the incidence of cancer
cancer is a multiple inflammatory disease according to scientific discovery, and lipoic acid can produce anti-cancer effects from a variety of pathways, and have prevention and treatment effects for a variety of cancers (including lung cancer, colorectal cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, etc.)
5. protect the liver
taking lipoic acid can effectively improve the liver related biochemical index (including free fatty acids, IL-6 cytokines, triglyceride), and reduce inflammation, fatty liver has improved effect. Lipoic acid can also reduce appetite and promote the secretion of adiponectin, which is a specific protein in fat and an important indicator of predicting metabolic abnormalities. Lipoic acid has the effects of increasing insulin sensitivity, anti-inflammation, anti-sclerosis and so on.
Lipoic acid side effects
1. Excessive use may cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, headache and skin irritation.
2. Although lipoic acid is prophylactic and adjuvant for neuropathy, initial administration may promote the deterioration of nerve damage.
3. Contraindications of lipoic acid completes the blood glucose monitoring: lipoic acid can improve the non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type ii) cellular sensitivity to insulin, so may need to lower blood glucose of drug dose, has set up a fall blood sugar drugs in diabetes patients, in just one to two weeks, taking lipoic acid can often be best blood sugar monitoring, avoid hypoglycemia.
4. Avoiding taking with minerals at the same time: lipoic acid will chelate heavy metals, so it may also reduce minerals in the body (such as iron), make anemia worse, long-term taking lipoic acid should be supplemented with minerals.
5. Avoid taking with acid-making agent: lipoic acid interacts with acid-making agent stomach medicine, so it should be avoided to be used together with acid-making agent.
6. thyroid dysfunction is forbidden: lipoic acid and thyroxine will interact, causing palpitations, therefore, thyroxine reduction or hyperthyroidism should avoid taking high doses of lipoic acid. not drink too much alcohol: lipoic acid may cause thiamine (vitamin B1) lack, alcoholism and taking lipoic acid will make vitamin B1 lack of deterioration, carbohydrate metabolism requires the participation of B vitamins to produce energy. The combination of lipoic acid and B-complex can avoid side effects.

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